Past Events & Courses


Paving the Way for New Board

Whole Day (3 CPT/CPD hours)


Highlights of the course

  • Proposed New Board listing requirements and advantages for tech companies
  • Harnessing the power of Social Media in the retail sector
  • The constructive power of Robotics and A.I.
  • How PE Investors value tech companies and view the New Board

Key Requirements of the Manager-in-Charge (MIC) Regime of the SFC

2.5 hours


Highlights of the course

  • Eight core functions of a licensed corporation
  • MIC for each of the core functions
  • Requirements of MIC with respect to the management structure of the licensed corporation
  • Codes of Conduct applicable to MIC and senior management of the licensed corporation
  • Legal liabilities of MIC and senior management
  • Roles and responsibilities of the board of directors of the licensed corporation
  • Submission requirements of management structure information to the SFC
  • Walk-thru procedures of the submission to the SFC via SFC Online Portal

Deemed RTO rules and case studies

3 hours


Highlights of the course

  • Principles of RTOs and Extreme Very Substantial Acquisitions (Extreme VSAs)
  • Criteria under the Principle Based Test
  • Assessment and understanding of RTO and Extreme VSA
  • RTO related listing decisions
  • Deemed RTO case studies

Practical guide to new audit updates

2 hours


Highlights of the course

  • Latest Audit Standards affecting listed companies
  • Recent issues relating to valuations in corporate transactions
  • Case studies illustrating application of audit standards


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